The Original Down And Out Header (Circa 2010)

I spent 28 years of my life trying to be “normal” ,which , in my old-fashioned mind meant Straight and Married.  In those 28 years I learned to hide who I was, even to myself, with forced desktop wallpapers of Angelina Jolie, and a crush at every job I ever worked at.

I was miserable and probably came off as pretty creepy.

All that changed after my mother passed away. During her final months I had gotten it in my head that the reason I wasn’t into the opposite sex was because of how I was raised to treat women with respect. This had somehow put women on a pedestal and , ultimately, off limits. I got angry with her and I stopped talking to her. She never really knew why and to this day I regret it.

After that wake-up call I decided that I had to figure myself out and it didn’t take long until I figured out that I’m gay.

I also figured out my calling was to do something positive for the gay community. That is how Down And Out in Montreal was born.

Down And Out in Montreal was originally created to help me work out my personal demons, but also to try to serve as a positive example for the LGBT community.  While originally a very autobiographical comic, it made the switch to it’s current incarnation so I could write original characters, and hopefully through them, be able to address issues impacting members of the LGBTQ that I might not be experiencing first hand.

My ultimate plan for DownAndOut in Montreal is to make the people laugh, but I also want to help. The long term plan is to have an LGBTQ themed pop culture podcast as well as resources for the community that can help and educate.

Thank you for accompanying me on This journey!